Add element to visu toolbox

  • ludecus

    ludecus - 2020-08-12

    I would like to have a list of customized elements which i could use template.

    For example, a radio button which could be selected, unselected or not selectable (if the user has no permission). Once if i did configurate such an element, i don't want to copy-paste it anywhere.

    Is there any way to set elements into the visualization toolbox?

    Thank for your support!

  • Morberis

    Morberis - 2020-08-14

    You can make custom categories in the visualization toolbox. Right under the Visualization Toolbox header there will be 3 icons. The first and second icons change how you select the different categories but the icon with the hammer lets you manage your categories and create custom categories. Then you can go and select different elements from the visualization toolbox and by right clicking them you can add them to the custom category.

    You can find some info on this on this help page

    If you want these easily available on different computers with the Codesys programming environment you might want to look at creating a custom library. You could also export a folder that has the customized elements and then import than to other installations but you might have to manually create the category and add them to that category.


    Last edit: Morberis 2020-08-14

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