SEW1 - 2019-08-09

I'm working with two projects. One is for IEC code the other visu.
When I import my IEC variables with structures into the visu project new types are generated ("GeneratedType_XX"), as Codesys can't guess which structures are used in the IEC project.
However, I don't want to work with this anonymous GeneratedTypes in my visu project. So I imported the same structures in my visu project and want to do the mapping manually in Datasource => Type mappings. I just can't get it working.
Do you have an example how to do this mapping ?
Or is it simply okay just to rename the generated types ?
If I do so, what happens the next time i update my imported variables ?

I tried to do some manual mapping, but I only get errors. See screenshots attached.


IMG: Visu imported IEC structure.png

IMG: mapping not working.png

IMG: IEC_structure.png