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  • DavidCozens

    DavidCozens - 2016-11-09

    I am trying to get a basic check dialog in place for a change to a critical parameter. I have a requirement that a before a particular change can be made the current user must re-enter their password, and a user from a 'supervisors' group must enter their name and their password. See below for an image. When OK is pressed I want to revalidate both passwords and then take appropriate action.

    I'm struggling to get enough visibility of how the User Management is structured to be able to put this together.

    I have inspected the VisuUserMgmtDialogs.library and found that these dialogs reference the UserManagement system through dialog parameters. I haven't found out how to access what these are set to when the dialog is called, as the user management dialogs are a special case.

    I have looked through the VisuUserManagement library and found the VisuUserMgmt function block, which I think has the Methods I want CheckLogin and CheckLoginWithGroupID - but I'm not sure these are correct - as I don't want to login - just check the password.

    I also need to understand how users and group ID's relate. Somehow I ned to identify to the dialog which group of users is the 'supervisors ' group.

    I'm not sure if I'm just not finding the relevant documentation, or reference project. Any tips much appreciated.

    IMG: Screen Shot 2016

  • gsaiko

    gsaiko - 2018-04-25

    Hello David Cozens

    I Need to automatic login with an existing user.
    Do you have an example where i can see how to do this.

    I do:
    fbVisuUserMgmt : VisuUserManagement.VisuUserMgmt;
    stVum_User_Act: VisuUserManagement.VUM_User;

    stVum_User_Act := fbVisuUserMgmt.GetCurrentUser();

    the stVum_User_Act is always empty..

    will be glad if you can help me
    GΓΌnter Saiko

    • dgirard

      dgirard - 2021-01-11

      Did you ever find a solution?


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