Tooltip Font Size

  • apalme

    apalme - 2018-12-03

    Any idea how to change the tooltip font size?

    Thnx in advance!

  • apalme

    apalme - 2018-12-05

    Hey guys,

    this is certainly not the most important question in the universe...

    but it also shouldn`t be the most diffcult.

    I changed all font sizes in the style manager..

    to no avail.

    Is the tooltip font size really hard wired to a fixed value?

    This would make it rather unusable on 4k screens or modern smart phones..

    Bug or feature?

    Thnks 4 helpful input!

  • bjarne-pagaard

    bjarne-pagaard - 2019-09-13

    Hi Apalme - or any one else..

    Did you ever find a way to change the tooltip font size? I have the same issue, and can't seem to find a way to change the size.

  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2019-09-16

    Hello everyone,

    I voted for an open improvement which should help you all.

    The tooltip is considered a client feature, therefore there are some general settings in the client.
    For the webvisualization you have to edit your cfg.json file (for a webvisu.htm it is webvisu.cfg.json):

    Add the following setting to your configuration:
    "TooltipFont" : "32px Arial"
    resulting in a configuration like:

       "Application": "Application",
       "StartVisu": "Visualization",
       "BestFit": false,
       "LogLevel": "INFO",
       "TooltipFont" : "32px Arial",
       "CommBufferSize": 50000,

    Keep in mind that this file will be overwritten by a onlinechange/download.

    For the targetvisualization you have to edit your targetvisuextern.cfg and add the following configuration:


    Hope this helps you until the improvement is implemented.

    Best regards,


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