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Reset Trace Visualization

  • open

    open - 2023-05-10

    Hello Community,

    I need to create a duration graph with start, stop and reset button for the graph, I am trying to do that with trace visualization object. But however i am not able to to reset the graph. Are there any alternatives or solution in resetting the graph?

    Warmest regards,

  • snhatton

    snhatton - 2023-05-22

    Rather than using a trace, you can use a trend. This will insert a trend recording manager object into your application, and a separate task for execution of the trend. This object also gives you much more control over the graph. After inserting, right-click the graph, and select 'Insert elements for trend recording". This will pop up a dialog allowing you to automatically add an link graph control elements to your visu. I hope this helps!


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