Multiple WebVisu

  • asnik - 2019-11-27

    In my project I need to show two different web-visu with different URLs on two different monitors (full version and simple version). I added two WebVisu to Visualization Manager and point each other to different start visu (full_visu and simple_visu) and different .htm file.

    After that both URLs https://PLC-IP/webvisu/full_visu.htm and https://PLC-IP/webvisu/simple_visu.htm for strange reason are redirected to the same visualization. It can be full or simple visu. So PLC's web server shows either full version or simple version on both URLs.
    However, if I make new project from scratch just with 2 visualizations and do the same, it works ok. So the trouble in my project may be.

    Could you please give any hints where to check the reason in my project or in PLC file system?

  • asnik - 2019-11-28

    OMG! Dear Marsel, thank you a lot! Just so simple solution)

  • jinlee - 2024-01-25

    Hi there,

    I am having a similar problem like you. I have 3 screens connected to one PLC. I have set 3 different URLs for them. But 3 of them are still dependent to each other. How can I make them independently ?

    Kind regards,

  • paro - 2024-01-30

    Hi, they should be independent when "Use CurrentVisu variable" is unchecked in the visu manager..
    maybe you can give us more infos when its not the case.

  • jinlee - 2024-02-06

    Hi, thank you for replying.
    Basically, I have a main visu with frame selection. So, under some condition the frame will switch to a specific frame. It used to be controlled by variable using "Switch frame variable". However, I realise it will change all the HMI screen at one time. So I removed the variable, and still looking for a solution to do that.

    Do you have any idea?

    • bjarne-pagaard - 2024-03-14

      You can use the switch frame variable, but there should be a variable for each active visu user. You can put the switch frame variable in an array, and use CURRENTCLIENTID as index into the array to get what you want. The CURRENTCLIENTID is assigned to new users automagically by the Visu Management.


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