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How to change keyboard layout on the virtual keyboard?

  • codesysnewbie - 2023-06-23

    Virtual keyboard is always has English layout. How one can change it? Changing the current language in the project does not fix that, unfortunately.

  • TimvH

    TimvH - 2023-06-26

    I think you just installed the library in the repository and then used it, but the idea is that you can open the library in CODESYS and edit it.
    And yes, you can then change the layout, use other characters, so you then make your own dialog.

    You can then change the library information (menu: Project - Project Information - Summary). Enter you Company name, Title of the library and Version, then install it in the library repository and use it.

    • codesysnewbie - 2023-06-26

      Oh, I see...

      Yes, I've installed the library, not opened for editing.

      Thanks, I'll try!

      • awatson - 2023-11-17

        I got it all working nicely based on the demo templates - edit my own numpad and screen keyboards - plus go the keyboard working on the login dialog (didn't work before!)


        Last edit: awatson 2023-11-17

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