Webvisu / device pixel ratio / blurry fonts and lines

  • Strucc.c

    Strucc.c - 2022-12-07

    Recently I have noticed, that even if I choose fixed size, webvisu comes up with a reduced resolution. What I see, is "DevicePixelRatio = 1.25. This ends up with blurry fonts, and some scaling problems / some thin lines invisible. While the same visu works perfecly with targetvis, Ratio 1.0: Sharp fonts, proper size.
    So, what's going on exactly? What is this device pixel ratio, and why isn't it 1?
    (the generated webvisu meta tag show ratio 1.0...)
    This is using 3.5.18 SP3 VISU 4.3.

  • j-zauner - 2022-12-16


    do you use Zoom in the browser?
    If you don't want to, you can try to reset it and delete the cookies.
    It should work after a restart of the browser.


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