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Customize Users and groups Visualization in UserMgmtConfig

  • pbitalc - 2024-02-28

    I have the user situation represented in the image and I would like CustomerAdmin to only be able to modify/add/delete users relating to the CustomerUser group and nothing else. How can I do?
    It would be enough not to display the users belonging to the SuperAdmin, Technician1 and Technician2 groups and also the related groups in the UserMgmtConfig dialog box. Can anyone help me?
    I use Codesys 3.5.16


    Last edit: pbitalc 2024-02-29
  • pbitalc - 2024-03-01

    Does anyone know if it is possible to have the source code of the library "VisuUserMgmtDialogs" version 3.5.16?
    Thanks in advance

  • pbitalc - 2024-03-15

    Solved using VisuUserManagement library present in CODESYS Examples ("ApplicationLegacyBased")


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