alexey - 2021-01-14

I am using IFM CR1058 display which has build-in keyboard and has NO touchscreen. I am using standard keyboard handling.

Codesys manual says, that if I operate keyboard arrows (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT) the focus jumps to the element that is in the direction as indicated by the arrow. And if I press INPUT (ENTER) the visualization detects INPUT at the focused element and triggers the input action.

This all works fine, except for the fact that if I trigger user action to call VisuDialogs.Keypad and keep pressing arrows, I can't visually understand which element inside VisuDialogs.Keypad is currently focused. The individual button of VisuDialogs.Keypad changes its colour ONLY after I trigger input action, but I really can't understand on which element I am currently focused on BEFORE I trigger input action. This has no problem if I has touch screen or full-size keyboard, but the keyboard on the IFM CR1058 display has only 5 keys (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT and INPUT).

Is there any way to visually indicate currently focused key on VisuDialogs.Keypad BEFORE I press input key?

Any method will do the job - colour change, moving frame around focused key, different shape of the key, etc. I need to visually show end-user that focus is actually moving across VisuDialogs.Keypad buttons BEFORE he triggers the input action.


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