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Visu - changing auto-logout time

  • alink - 2023-11-30

    is there a chance to set with a visu input the auto-logout time?
    At the moment, it is a fix value set in visu-manager.
    But for individual configurating of passwort policies I create a visu-dialog to set policies and there for an option to set auto-logout-time.
    But till now, I haven't found a solution.
    Maybe someone has an idea?

  • snhatton - 2023-12-11

    You could try using the VUM_UserGroup struct from the VisuUserManagement library. I haven't tried this, but there is a variable for tAutoLogout to set the logout time.

    • alink - 2024-02-07

      fbVisuUserMgmt : VisuUserManagement.VUMUserGroup;
      bAutoLogOff : BOOL;
      tAutoLogOffTime : TIME;
      wstGroupName : WSTRING;

      fbVisuUserMgmt.wstGroupName := wstGroupName;
      fbVisuUserMgmt.xAutoLogout := bAutoLogOff;
      fbVisuUserMgmt.tAutoLogout := tAutoLogOffTime;

      Tried it that way. But how to execute?
      Doing fbVisuUserMgmt() dosn't work.

      Maybe silly question, but I'm a bit unexperienced


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