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Multiple use of the same visualization in different frame

6 days ago
  • dcote

    dcote - 2021-11-25

    Alright guy's and gals, and/or both. Please be patient with me my English is not the best I'll try my best to be as clear as possible.

    Im using CodeSys 3.5.8, not possible to upgrade to the .17sp2 for me because my plc driver are not supported up there.

    I have created a sub-visu (its a normal visu but intended to be used in a frame), in my master visu i plan to use multiple frame displaying the same sub-visu but my problem comes to control them.

    So, i want my sub-visu to have an index value that i could access/modify and that the sub-visu would be aware of but i cant figure how i could do that. Is there any way the visualisation behind a frame could read, for example, his host frame text variable or something? i could use this value as an index to read/write from a defined array table.. I dont know if it's possible to do. If i define a variable as text variable for the text field in the sub-visu it's the same var for all the sub-visu.

    Thanks in advance for you help.

  • timvh

    timvh - 6 days ago

    Probably you want to use VAR_IN_OUT variables in your visualization and place this visualization multiple times in another visualization by using "frames". In the configuration of this frame you can then link the specific variables to the various frames.

    Probably a good place to start is:

    This is already supported from on of the first versions, so should also work in 3.5.8.


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