Trends versus trace configuration

  • pruwetbe

    pruwetbe - 2020-09-30


    I am exploring trends and trace objects for recording and visualizing trends data on codesys visu but also keep the possibility to export Datalog on another support for further global analysis .

    I am a bit new to codesys and I am used to other visu package where the trend windows can show either archive data and or display on line logged data.

    This is somehow what trace and trends are doing in codesys visu but with some real limitation.
    Trace is online only and trends is archive only.
    They share a quite similar configuration interface for pen configuration.

    In the trends, if I want to show the same signal in more than one trend or trace object, I need to encode all pen parameter multiple time.
    Is there anyway to copy / paste pen configuration from one trend to another or from trace to a trend or vice-versa.
    It there any export / import tools that could be use to manage this configuration outside codesys β€˜,

    Thanks for any feedback or idea

  • Morberis

    Morberis - 2020-10-05

    I have not done it myself but the trend is stored as an sqlite file. Included in that is a TblTrendConfiguration tble that has things like linestyle, linewidth, variable names & descriptions etc.

    I'm wondering if you could create one with an outside program (like SQlite Browser), place it within the PLC's internal storage, then have Codesys back up the old file then replace the existing trend sqlite file with your new one. You would use the CAA File library to do that. You might not be able to do anything outside of Codesys with the sqlite file on the PLC while Codesys is running.

    You should look at the library VisuTrendStorageAccess. It's possible that you could also use something like the Method paTrendStorageVariableDescription or something else.


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