How to make Alarm table display timestamp with local time for alarms?

  • manoj

    manoj - 2020-03-25


    I have used SetTimeZoneInformation (RTCLK.SetTimeZoneInformation) function block to covert UTC time to local time, thinking that this would change the timestamp in Alarm table. However, it didn't work that way. Am I going in a correct way or is there any other approach?

    Thanks in advance!

  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2020-03-26

    Alarm table uses the OperatingSystem local time I thought. What controller?
    You will have to figure out how to set the OS local time. SysTimeRtc is the library you need, if you want to set it by the PLC. The device manufacturer has to have implemented the function though for setting the OS local time.

  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2020-03-31

    Hello @manoj,

    which visu profile version are you using?

    In the latest version we save both the utc time and the offset between local and utf time to correctly display the timestamp.

    Changing the local time to something different does therefore not have any effect on already saved alarms.

    Best regards,


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