Webvisu .... max connections?

  • John Martin

    John Martin - 2020-03-21

    Hello everybody,

    I have looked for this information without success.
    Could someone tell me if there is any limit on the connections to webvisu?

    Another question....

    Does Codesys support VNC ? or only the OS ( for example Raspbian in the Raspberry Pi ) that supports the VNC?

    Kind regards.

  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2020-03-21

    Different device manufacturers can limit it differently.
    There is a also a limit that you can set yourself in the project.
    For the CODESYS Store runtimes, I am pretty sure there is no limit by the device. By default the limit set in your project is set to 100. The setting should be under Web Visu editor.
    Of course, you then have memory, cpu and network limitations.
    I don't know whether anyone has done some tests, eg connecting 10000 different clients to a raspberry, and how it would cope.
    How many were you hoping for?

    And VNC is an OS thing.

  • John Martin

    John Martin - 2020-03-21

    Great !!! Thank you @i-campbell


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