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  • witalis

    witalis - 2019-12-22


    I attached to Web visu the Browser Control. Its URL indicates the .aspx page which I published on IIS v 7.5.
    This page contains some references to local jquery file: ... 4.1.min.js
    And this page normally works when I type the url directly in InternetExplorer or Chrome.

    But when I try to open the visualisation with this Browser Control, then I get the message:

    Script error
    row: 2
    character: 31247
    Error: This object doesn't operate this method or property
    code: 0
    would You like to continue running scripts on this site?

    How can I solve this problem????

  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2020-01-02


    could it be that this page will always throw errors, the only difference is that you cannot see them since they are hidden in the console?

    The reason is that the jquery file does not support the version active x browser controll used in the runtime.

    Best regards,


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