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Close dialog with Visu Utils

  • e.kislov

    e.kislov - 2018-08-16

    With Visu Utils library it's very easy to open dialog from code.
    But how I can close it with this library?

  • e.kislov

    e.kislov - 2018-08-20

    Edwin, hope on your advice.

    I need something like that:

    IMG: 20

  • e.kislov

    e.kislov - 2018-08-24

    Any ideas?

  • Comingback4u

    Comingback4u - 2018-08-24

    I have not used visu utils but this is how I have closed dialogs in the past using this function:

    This function needs to be called from the same task as your VisuElems.Visu_Prg
    We had a button that set the PLC_PRG.xCloseDialog to TRUE

    My understanding is you can't use the "CurrentVisu" Variable when using this. Hope this helps a little.

    IMG: CloseVisuDialog.PNG

    IMG: CloseVisuDialogCall.PNG

  • e.kislov

    e.kislov - 2018-08-25

    Thanks, it's seems like a solution.
    Your function is not use sDialogName (so it works as "CloseAllDialogsForAllClients"), but I understand how I should edit code for my task.
    I'm very appreciated.

    I hope 3S include same FB in Visu Utils in next SP's.

  • MaraP

    MaraP - 2018-08-27

    Does anyone knows if this works also in TwinCat 3?

  • Comingback4u

    Comingback4u - 2018-08-27

    You are correct e.kislov and sorry about that. Was a solution for something else we were experimenting with. To do a specific dialog you would change it to this:

    IMG: CloseVisuDialogByName.PNG

    • nyoman123

      nyoman123 - 2021-11-15

      Hello, I'm quite new to codesys do you have a code example like this for opening dialog?
      Thank you

  • Nico01

    Nico01 - 2019-08-07

    Vielen dank.

    It works very well under TwinCat3.



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