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  • Reinier Geers - 2022-03-30

    I try to install AWS. But it sucks. They change version 3.5 to 0 . I vieuwd a video. 3.5.15. goto store install aws for linux or windows ?? Are they talking about the plc or my computer? Ive installed linux ( PLC) then there should be a new ordner in de menu Automation server. But nothing there. Why is Codesys nerverecking.

  • hermsen

    hermsen - 2022-03-30


    I have read your message and I try to figure out what you are trying to do, but I can't undertand what you are trying to say.
    Would you be so kind and explain in short and simple English what it is you try to achieve? If you have explained your issue well, we can help you further.

    Regards ;-)


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  • Reinier Geers - 2022-03-31

    To excess a plc over internet i use a VPN. Normaly you add the gateway. But then you see nothing. So for windows plc you add the ipadress of one of the devices behind the vpn. Then you see all. But with a Linux device its not working. I can ping it but cant see it. So i lookt here and they recomend the AWS. So i lookt at the video. Then i tried it. Install gateway for linux or windows. Do they meen PC or PLC ? Then at version 15 there should be an ordner extra on top of the screen. But thats not. Its hide somewere else. So it takes a lot of time to figger this out. And i dont know if its working. Codesys should be compateble to diverend devices but its not.

  • hermsen

    hermsen - 2022-03-31

    How can we help you?

    What helptopic or youtube movie did you watch? (URLs!)

    You say AWS, but don't you mean CODESYS Automation Server (AWS just acts as hosting server).

  • Reinier Geers - 2022-03-31
    IS the gateway for linux (PLC) ?

    • hermsen

      hermsen - 2022-03-31


      Technically this Edge runs on the OS side of your Linux machine and acts as an Edge Service (secured with certified TLS tunneling) to the cloud. The CODESYS Runtime in your Linux machine or any other runtime within the network can use this single Edge gateway to interact with CODESYS Automation Server.

      To be exact:
      1) You are refering to CODESYS Automation Server, which runs on AWS hosting.

      2) The Edge Gateway is available for Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi(!) running on x64/x86, ARM32/ARM64.

      3) You need this one:

      4) Be sure your linux distribution is supported (the OS on your linux on the target machine shoud be mentioned)

      5) Run the installer from 3) on the windows machine where CODESYS is installed.

      7) Follow the instructions. After installation, you can deploy the .deb file automatically on the LINUX Host via CODESYS IDE on Windows


      install the .deb file manually if you have SSH/Telnet access and root privileges to that machine and know you way through bash. Use Google to search for instructions for manual installation of .deb files.

      8) After installing the .deb, be sure to follow the steps described to register the Linux Edge with your specific CODESYS Automation Server Account.

      I hope this contains enough hints for you to solve your problem.


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  • Reinier Geers - 2022-04-01

    automation server installed. But no extra menu

    • hermsen

      hermsen - 2022-04-01

      I bet the menu option installed, but failed to show through some fluke. To manually add the menu items, search for customizing the codesys development environments interface menu and toolbar. I had this too with older versions of CODESYS and SP15 which sometimes works and sometines not. Since SP15 is relatively ancient, my unsolicited advise would be to always update to the latest version of the IDE. Currently this is SP18 next Friday;-) after it is released. Be sure to check the new CODESYS Installation Manager to update SP18 to your specific needs. Plus, if you wish, you can prepare a seperate CODESYS SP15 installation in parallel(!) on your current Devbox via the same CODESYS Installation Manager.
      I am 100% sure your menu issue is solved in SP18.


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