kurtk - 2021-05-07

OK, so I download HMI Example and open it in Codesys

I notice that there is a LibForHMIDemo.library file in the .zip
I get an error that a bunch of libraries are not installed, so I monkey around in the library manager and eventually the libraries all get downloaded and installed
- except for

I expect there should be some mechanism to load a local .library file - but found nothing...

OK... moving along, I tried to build again - got a whole bunch of errors - in example demo code which one might expect should just build and run out of the box...

One error message indicated that
CODESYS Demo Style was not installed
so I change to a default style
then I get the error that
The entry <blahblahblah> is not defined by your currently active visualization style
<special-fontonbackground> etc...</special-fontonbackground></special-fontontitle></special-tilebackground></special-tilebackgroundactive></special-menuitemactive></blahblahblah>

So it appears that whoever built the HMI Demo built it with a customized style which was not included in the .zip or in the repository

I noticed the above message from mkhogali
"it's working now" with no indication of what was done in order to get it working now...

So, I'm going recursively backwards... now I need an example file to make what should be a trivial HMI example work, and a style file to sort out the missing/required style

And there are still 502 errors to resolve besides this...
A whole bunch of missing libraries
some of which are placeholders which cannot be resolved

A whole bunch of C0077 unknown type: visustructpoint

This feels a bit like building c++ code on *ix 30 years ago...
code is there but all the bits of string to make it run have to be methodically excavated and assembled piece by piece...

The first error is
C0188 device not installed to the system.
I thought it was possible to develop generic non-device-specific code and then specify the device just prior to loading into a device...

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