Library from codesys 2.3 to codesys 3.5

  • jkobi - 2021-12-14

    Hello, I have some issue with some library in codesys .
    I am explain, i have to make a codesys2.3 program work in codesys 3.5.
    I am actually in search for some update library for codesys that i can't find if someone know some and can help me

    • ifm_CANopen_NT_V020001.lib (for the CANOPEN_ENABLE and much more)
    • ifm_RAWCan_NT_V020001.lib
    • 3S_CANopenManager.lib
    • 3S_CanOpenDevice.lib
    • 3S_CanDrv.lib
    • ifm_pdm_input_V010004.lib (for the Input_DINT)

    thanks in advance

  • jkobi - 2021-12-14

    I have also an other problem I have to get an O3M251 which is a 3D sensor

    I do have download the library but the problem is that a part of the library doesn't work the one that name "ifmRawCan," and i saw that the newest version is but i can't replace it

  • sgronchi - 2022-01-28

    Have you tried asking IFM for support? Because it seems that the problematic libraries are hardware-related.
    Furthermore, this is the wrong sub (you should post under Engineering).


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