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How to cleanly uninstall CODESYS

  • sumitoccs

    sumitoccs - 2021-10-06

    Hi there, I am trying to install CODESYS 64 The installation stopped in the middle and froze even with firewall and anti virus OFF. Since the installation didn't finish correctly the software install didn't end properly. I tried uninstalling CODESYS 64 from the Programs and Feature of the Control Panel to attempt to reinstall again. (Windows 10 Operating System) However I can't achieve a clean uninstall (there are always folders and files that remain in my computer hard-drive. For that reason I can't never finish a clean install. Has anyone run into this issue and being able to solve it? I have a feeling that CodeMeter has to do with the core of the issue but don't know how to overcome the problem. Thank you so much in advance!

  • vcbz

    vcbz - 2021-10-12

    Hi there.
    I have been using different versions of CODESYS for testing purposes and required clean installations. I did not find information about what the installer from CODESYS does. There is an MSI log after installation but isnt straightforward to decode what has CODESYS added to the Windows registry, extracted files from MSI and files in ProgramData,etc.

    I am using a software called revo uninstaller, which has options to scan more in detail the installation and delete registries, files,etc. I am using this option as I noticed that even after uninstalling cleanly CODESYS, the devices (such as Win Control v3) from other versions are not removed and kept.


    Last edit: vcbz 2021-10-12

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