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CODESYS on Linux

Note: The content moved to this project

With the release of SP13 it is now finally possible to run CODESYS on Wine. The whole procedure is not very straight forward, but still easily possible.

Get CODESYS SP13 or higher

You can download CODESYS from the CODESYS store (use 32bit version). You need an account for that, before you can download it, but all is for free.... read more

Posted by Ingo 2018-07-10 Labels: Don Linux

Driving 12V with SoftPWM

For my current project I need a 12V Analog output. Today I did some first tests.

Getting 12V

I used a voltage regulator which is rising the 5V of the Pi to 12V. The reason is, that I want to be able to power the whole thing with a standard power bank.

Getting a PWM signal

I used the SoftPWM FB from the GPIOMods project to get a PWM signal out of GPIO4.... read more

Posted by Ingo 2018-07-04

CODESYS Raspberry PI - OpenCV on current Raspbian

This is an attempt to get the CODESYS OpenCV Raspberry Package running on the current (or newer) Images of Raspbian.
As CODESYS opencv package for Raspberry PI was designed for older Raspbian versions, there are dependencies in the opencv Package, that cannot easily resolved on the newest Raspbian versions.

I tried something and found out that it might work like this:

Posted by erichspitzweg 2018-05-06

CODESYS Pi PLC - execute python scripts in the PLC application

Video not available

This example shows, how to add python scripts in CODESYS as external files and execute them in your CODESYS application. In a similar way, you can execute virtually every other external program from your PLC application, which opens you a wide range of new possibilities.

Unicorn HAT example Project is available here: http://forge.codesys.com/hax/blog/_discuss/thread/82598d1c/3050/attachment/DownloadPythonScript_and_Exec_onPI.project... read more

Posted by codesys.com 2018-01-08

CODESYS Christmas lights - Raspberry Pi

Video not available

Use the Webvisualisation on your mobile phone to switch on the lights.

Hardware: Raspberry PI
Software: CODESYS Development System / Pi Package from CODESYS Store
Android App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.codesys.webview
CODESYS Project is available here: http://forge.codesys.com/hax/blog/_discuss/thread/4f238366/9b18/attachment/Weihnachtskrippe.project... read more

Posted by codesys.com 2018-01-08