Add SparkplugB to existing CODESYS project

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Add SparkplugB to an existing CODESYS project

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  1. This guide takes the open source project, meatforge and makes its variables available to a SparkplugB SCADA/IIoT Host Node.
  2. If you don’t have a SparkplugB test system up and running, you can use our lightweight Primary Host Node which is demonstrated in our [Preview how-to] or
  3. You can follow the guide at [Setup a test system with Ignition Primary Host].


  1. Download and open the meatforge project
  2. Update the project to your actual system
  3. Double click Device > Application > Library Manager
  4. Press the Add Library button and add the SparkplugB library
  5. Right click application and Add Object > POU. Call it Sparkplug, Type: Program, Language: ST.
  6. Open the new POU and add an EoN : SparkplugB.FB_Edge_Of_Network_Node;
  7. Click the first line of the implementation part of this POU and press F2 to bring up the Input Assistant. Categories > Instance Calls > EoN > Tick “Insert with arguments” > OK
  8. You should now have this view:
  9. Fill in your server connection settings, eg:
  10. Now there are only a few variables in this project. We need to create a SparkplugB.FB_SimpleValue for each of them, but in an array. Note that each datatype has its own array, and the nature of VAR_IN_OUT means that each array is required.
    PRG_PWM.rDuty: REAL;
    SPI_Temperature.rValue : REAL;
    xOut: BOOL;
    a. Declare the necessary arrays. Unused array can be declared with 0 elements =p

    b. Add the new arrays to the EoN call.

    c. Write the names and copy the values in code:

    d. Add a new task for this new POU, or use an existing one.


  1. Now run it and see if you get the values into your Sparkplug B SCADA / IIoT Host Node


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