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This is a primer to get you started with the preview example as provided here which demonstrates our fully Sparkplug™ compatible Edge, Device and Primary Host.
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Your controller and development environment should meet the following requirements: [questions:#6]
This primer assumes you have library and project file saved on disk and you have CODESYS Development System V3, CODESYS Control Win x64 and CODESYS Gateway x64 installed.
Any other CODESYS compatible IDE should work as long as the system meets the minimal requirements.


Open the co⚡e.library, Be sure to skip the "Set All To Newest" and press OK


Press F11 or open the "Build" menu and select "Check All Pool Object" to verify the correctness of the library.
Errors are not checked by saving the library into the repository, so this is quite important.
Any errors will show in the messages pane under "Build" but if all goes well it should show the following;

If you experience errors, go to step 3, otherwise go to to step 4.


Some tips on resolving Errors

Download any unresolved (missing) libraries

Open the library manager and if the button is shown, press it.
The IDE will automagically download all missing libraries and install them in your library repository.

Set correct placeholders

Sometimes it could happen that some libraries are referenced that are not installed and/or not downloaded. In this case you can "force" a library reference.
Select the library reference that you want to force and select the version you wish to use from the pull-down menu.


Press save and install the library to your repository like so: first press the disk, then press the archive cabinet.


Open the preview project, download the three programs to the controller and be sure to run program three as first, and then run program 2 and or 1.