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Asteroid Shooter

The game ‚Asteroid Shooter’ shows how to connect a joystick to the Soft PLC ‚CODESYS Control Win V3‘ and
how to use visualization and object oriented programming in CODESYS.
Attention: 64 Bit controls are not supported.

Product description

The example Asteroids.project shows with help of the game ‘Asteroids’ how to connect a joystick
to the Soft PLC ‘CODESYS Control Win V3’.
For this purpose the ‘IoDrvJoystickWin.dll’ must be on the control.

The example also shows the effective usage of object oriented programming and visualization in CODESYS.

More information

Joystick: The device ‘Joystick’ uses the channels X, Y, Z, R, U, V and Buttons (see IO-Mapping).
These channels can be assigned to existing variables directly. The mapping of the channels depends on the type
of the joystick and must be adapted if necessary.

PLC_PRG: The Sequencial Function Chart (SFC) contains the processing logic of the program.

CollisionManager: Function block to register potential collision objects and to check collisions.

EventController: Mapping of the keyboard and joystick events.

Every moving object on the screen has its own function block and visualization.
These objects are derived from MovingObject.

The library ‘asteroids_help_library’ contains some necessary mathematical functions.

Important Information

In order to make this example work, the CODESYS Control CFG file has to be extended. Change in your CODESYS installation folder to ‘GatewayPLC/’. Open the file ‘CODESYSControl.cfg’ and add new component as ‘IoDrvJoystickWin’. See the screenshot below. Additionally, copy the file IoDrvJoystickWin.dll from the package into the same folder.
In CODESYS go to Tools -> Device Repository... -> Install. Now select the file Joystick000000011.0.0.0900.devdesc.xml, which is also included into the package.

System requirements and restrictions

System requirements and restrictions Info
Programming System CODESYS Development System Version or higher
Runtime System CODESYS Control Version
Additional Requirements Adding the ‘IoDrvJoystickWin.dll’ as component to ~/GatewayPLC/CODESYSControl.cfg
Required Accessories -
Restrictions 64 Bit controls are not supported

Screenshot thumbnail
Insert the line 'Component.X=​IoDrvJoystickWin​' to '~\GatewayPLC\CoDeSysControl.cfg'.
Screenshot thumbnail
Screenshot of the game