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[r34] by tobivw

merge the packmlstate branch

2019-12-11 15:42:16 Tree
[r33] by tobivw

Fixed laser screen on/off

2019-12-09 14:57:30 Tree
[r32] by tobivw

Update all the things

2019-12-09 10:05:00 Tree
[r31] by tobivw

Fixes to the message queue

2019-09-17 14:37:58 Tree
[r30] by michielstikkel

Ethercat bus opnieuw

2019-09-17 11:48:50 Tree
[r29] by michielstikkel

Added: If target < 100 then setpoint := 0; end_if
if target < 100 then target:= 0; end_if

Should have
Fixed: Bug pulsating valves causing vibrations in bellow

2019-09-17 11:48:19 Tree
[r28] by michielstikkel

Added pressure threshold <100mB

2019-09-17 09:46:09 Tree
[r27] by tobivw

Fixed last send command

2019-09-17 08:44:47 Tree
[r26] by tobivw
2019-09-17 08:34:23 Tree
[r25] by tobivw

Added finishe screen to byte swap

2019-09-16 12:12:13 Tree
[r24] by michielstikkel

Added to the Druk_PD:
IF target < 100 THEN
target := 0;

2019-09-16 09:54:03 Tree
[r23] by michielstikkel

Trunk naar VTEM_Game v1.1

2019-09-16 09:19:26 Tree
[r22] by michielstikkel


2019-09-16 09:18:40 Tree
[r21] by michielstikkel

Trunk to VTEM_game

2019-09-16 09:15:08 Tree
[r20] by michielstikkel

library Festo_PtP_Base geupdate

2019-09-16 09:13:21 Tree
[r19] by tobivw

Fixed ROL memory error again.

2019-09-11 14:46:14 Tree
[r18] by tobivw

Changes hints and timings.

2019-09-11 14:15:49 Tree
[r17] by tobivw

Laser off on game complete.

2019-09-10 15:29:32 Tree
[r16] by tobivw

Fixed bug in resetring of co panel lock.

2019-09-10 14:46:24 Tree
[r15] by tobivw

Added a queue to the send message function.

2019-09-10 14:11:57 Tree
[r14] by tobivw

Implements the inital testing bugs.

2019-09-10 08:09:08 Tree
[r13] by tobivw

Fixed the ethercat slaves, and balance statemachine.

2019-09-04 14:20:59 Tree
[r12] by tobivw

Added the new ethercat devices. Added the balast puzzles to the mainplc

2019-09-04 12:06:16 Tree
[r11] by tobivw

Added network varariable and the Logic for converting the state to led

2019-09-04 09:06:11 Tree
[r10] by tobivw

Working copy for implementing the packml status.

2019-09-04 08:45:12 Tree
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