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[r62] by ingo

Support new commands from the Projects website

2019-01-25 15:18:23 Tree
[r61] by ingo

Removed XML Tag from markdown export

2018-09-18 18:43:08 Tree
[r60] by ingo

made script runnable under linux

2018-09-13 16:19:18 Tree
[r59] by ingo

Use alternate method to do the checkout of projects (which hopefully works in CI build)

2018-09-10 15:50:28 Tree
[r58] by ingo

- made project checkout callable from command line
- store "commit_count" of repository after checkout (also works for updates!)

2018-09-09 13:06:16 Tree
[r57] by ingo

Updated package

2018-09-09 12:37:17 Tree
[r56] by ingo

- Implemented project checkout
- Build, now also increases the package version automatically
- Committed Icon, which was accidently missing, but necessary for the dialog

2018-09-09 12:36:30 Tree
[r55] by ingo

Optionally skip CODESYS SVN actions (just by try-catch).
This helps the use under Linux, where CODESYS SVN is currently not supported.

2018-09-02 13:38:40 Tree
[r54] by ingo

fixed escape of commit message

2018-08-29 12:34:23 Tree
[r53] by ingo

Updated package

2018-08-29 11:35:52 Tree
[r52] by ingo

- find xml files in "create package"
- ignore encoding errors in svn-list
- make info box scrollable

2018-08-29 11:34:35 Tree
[r51] by ingo

Rebuilt package

2018-08-22 19:57:41 Tree
[r50] by ingo

Allow checkout also from windows explorer

2018-08-22 19:54:50 Tree
[r49] by ingo

change download directory of the install action, as the user doesn't have rights to save anything in the programs folder

2018-08-22 06:27:56 Tree
[r48] by ingo

Updated cforge package

2018-08-21 19:46:01 Tree
[r47] by ingo

- Added command to create a CODESYS package manifest

2018-08-21 19:44:39 Tree
[r46] by ingo

- Handle 'ticks' correctly (replace temporarily with five back-ticks, as escaping is not possible)
- Rebuild package

2018-08-17 11:26:53 Tree
[r45] by ingo

[#2] commit: Implement the action 'commit'

2018-08-09 20:22:54 Tree
[r44] by ingo

[#7] Avoid warnings from URL handlers

2018-08-09 19:27:55 Tree
[r43] by ingo

fixed a few ui bugs

2018-08-09 19:25:17 Tree
[r42] by ingo

Made project compilable under linux

2018-08-09 18:51:45 Tree
[r41] by ingo

Added update command

2018-08-07 20:53:47 Tree
[r40] by ingo

Correctly handle dialog result

2018-07-27 13:08:53 Tree
[r39] by ingo

Added graphical user interface to checkout script

2018-07-24 20:03:02 Tree
[r38] by ingo

Updated cforge package

2018-07-16 19:06:24 Tree
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