#7 Potential issue with codesys using updated vcrun files from MS download


I installed Codesys on wine onto a clean Debian 10 and Debian 11 environments using the manual install method on Deb 10 and Deb 11, and the install2.sh on Deb 11. In all cases I was able to launch Codesys IDE start and compile project, deploy/start runtime to both localhost or network connected device, but simply could not establish a login session from IDE to runtime to perform download, etc..

After some research on winetricks github I discovered the previous 1 or 2 winetricks releases modified SHA256 hash for some of the VCRUN files due to MS releasing updates even to old VCRUN versions. I modified the winetricks shell to force it to use VCRUN files I manually extracted from Codesys install packages, and the runtime connection problem is solved.

Unfortunately I did not keep records of the install environments, logs, etc.., however I am hoping this basic information may prove useful to someone else who may experience the same problem. There may be a more graceful solution, but further troubleshooting was beyond my current capacity.

I tricked winetricks by:
extracted older vcrun and dotnet files from a Codesys install zip package, moved into manually created folders (matching the expectations of winetricks) in the .Cache folder of my user's wine prefix folder. (I don't think dotnet changed, but did them also to be on the safe side)
Using a text editor, comment out all of the command lines downloading fresh copies of vcrun's and dotnet's from MS.


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