#9 Inquiry to build a CODESYS image for RE

Inquiry (1)

Hi Ingo,

I explored this project here to get CODESYS running on Linux with vnc access through a browser and a vnc client. I did make some progress, but did not succeed.
I'm trying to provide a codesys app for the Record Evolution IoT App Store. (I'm working there)
Apps in our platform are basically docker containers. Our platform just adds some features that are required for deployment in an IoT context. One cool feature our platform provides is an https tunnel that lets you access a web interface running on a remote IPC from anywhere.
So you could use codesys for any shopfloor IPC from your browser.

You can self signup to our platform and check it for free here: https://record-evolution.de

I'm reaching out to you to check if you might want to create (and own) this app in our app store.
In about two months we are going to add payout services to the app store, that would allow developers to monetize on their apps like you can in mobile app stores.

If you are interested, please contact me: marko.petzold@record-evolution.de



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