Code Commit Log

Commit Date  
[r11] by ingo

fixed audio bug in windows

2021-05-07 12:56:28 Tree
[r10] by ingo

fixed some issues for windows, but still has problems in the "concat" step

2021-04-30 06:59:40 Tree
[r9] by ingo

- support mp4 input
- support audio capture in linux
- keep audio of input video through the render chain

2021-02-07 21:49:04 Tree
[r8] by ingo

updated media files

2019-09-26 22:26:14 Tree
[r7] by ingo

- corrected handling of optional media files
- sorting files explicitely (windows does this implecitely, but linux doesn't)

2019-09-21 00:20:46 Tree
[r6] by ingo

added free default media files to tubetutor

2019-09-20 23:55:02 Tree
[r5] by ingo

wait 3s before stopping the recording

2019-03-27 14:24:35 Tree
[r4] by ingo

support two kinds of intros:
1) video with own jingle
2) logo image, with standard backing track

2019-03-26 20:43:04 Tree
[r3] by ingo

basic linux support added

2019-03-26 20:07:57 Tree
[r2] by ingo

Copy Thumbnail image when rendering

2019-03-07 11:53:35 Tree
[r1] by ingo

Pre-Alpha version of TubeTutor

2019-02-19 13:34:24 Tree