Alternative programming font suggestions for CODESYS IDE


If you code very frequently you'll start to wonder if there is any other good programming font available like Consolas.

A small google along the interwebs will show you there are some really many and great alternatives available. I can recommend you at least give these two Fonts types a try;

Hack Font:
Hack Font Examples:

Fira Code V5 Font:
Fira Code V5 Examples: (just scroll down for examples)

The main reason for me to choose Fira Code v5 is the fact that certain glyphs ligatures in Fira Code v5 support multi-character combinations while seemingly display a seamless character(!) Nice!!
Hack does really come in on a very tight close shared 1st place but does not support seamless multi-character ligatures.

Changing your favorite programming language font (in my case ST) really does help present your code better, cleaner and enhances readability.
As soon as you switched the default font for something else you prefer, you will never go "Courier New 9" again ;-)

Posted by aliazzz 2020-08-23

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