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  • Posted a comment on discussion Runtime 🇬🇧 on CODESYS Forge

    Dear Codesys Support, I am having difficulty reinstalling the license of "Codesys Control for Raspberry Pi SL" in a raspberry pi 4 where I had activated it about three years ago in a raspberry pi 3 with codesys service pack 11. I had saved the license backup file, that is the "CMLicenseNew.WibuCmRaU" file and I tried to install it by going to PLC SETTINGS / INSTALL LICENSE, but when I do I get an error saying "no license information present. The device does not support this service". I tried to insert...

  • Posted a comment on discussion Runtime on CODESYS Forge

    Good morning, I am creating an application in which I have to read the variation of a digital signal, through modbus rtu, with a frequency that varies from 1 Hz to 15 Hz, but unfortunately the speed of response within codesys is very slow (I can capture a maximum variation of 2 Hz; above this value, I cannot capture the variations). Below I describe what I did: the digital signal read by the modbus controls an event task (every time the digital signal passes from 0 to 1, the event that enables the...

  • Posted a comment on discussion Engineering on CODESYS Forge

    Dear Codesys support, I have a communication problem with a card (Olimpia Splendid B0372) through the modbus protocol. The card works with this setting: modbus ascii, baud 9600, data bits 7, stop bit 1, even parity. By setting this conditions with codesys, I can't communicate. I bought a gateway, which allows storage between modbus ascii and modbus rtu (ICP DAS TSH-735), through which I can set up a communication, even if the device does not respond correctly in writing (while in reading I have no...

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