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Rexroth RC2-2/20 programming

Hi All, im new to this forum and also what im tying to achieve. I have a Manitou telescopic telehandler that uses Rexroth RC 2-2/20 controller. I have read as many Boschrexroth documents that i can find that tell me how to communicate with it. I understand that software is needed ( i have downloaded BODAS 3.6.2 Demo) I need to make an interface lead to communicate with same (there is some pinout information in the documents) to be able to read the information to interrogate and possibly “flash” that to another RC 2-2/20 controller. I have an older generation laptop that has Windows Vista which seems to work ok (using Firefox) I know that my serial port is ok as i have other software that uses coms to interface to a datalogger. I see there is lots of people that have plenty of knowledge on this forum. ANY help forthcoming would be great as there is not alot of info, unless one wishes to part with lots of $ to pay Bosch to do it on my behalf or purchase a genuine article again at large amounts of $. Many Thanks Graham

Posted by pipes2wires 2020-05-27