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Welcome to the CODESYS open source device database. We opened an own Vendor Range for open source drivers, so that everyone is able to develop and publish his drivers.

      <Id>0003 ....</Id>

      <Id>0003 0004</Id>

All this is allowed as long as your drivers are open source. To make it transparent you have to add a link to every entry in the database.

To avoid conflicts, you should add an entry for every device description that you created, and which allocates a Device ID.

To add an entry, you can directly edit this page. Just respect the following rules:

  • Keep the list sorted
  • Don't change the entries of others
  • Keep your entry small (a one-liner)


0001 | SPI Template | [homepage](/drv/io-drivers)


ID Title URL
0001 SPI Template homepage
0002 I²C Template homepage
0003 SPI Temperature homepage
0004 SPI MCP3008 homepage
0005 SPI Monarco.IO HAT homepage
0006 I²C Mega-IO Expansion Card for Raspberry Pi homepage
0007 FB Template homepage
0008 D-Logg from Technische Alternative homepage
0009 I²C MCP7941x homepage
000A I²C TE M3200 homepage
000B Not yet used
000C Not yet used
000D Not yet used
000E Not yet used
000F Not yet used
0010 SPI MCP3208
000A Not yet used
001B TCP based MQTT Sparkplug Driver homepage
ID Title URL
FFF0 Range for testing...
... ...
FFFF ... only if you don't publish the driver