lama - 2022-03-01

Help with the communication settings. Completely confused.
There are two Wago 750-891 controllers.
I connect to one - everything is fine. The program is logged in. I can see the state of the variables, everything is working.
Then I try to hook up the second controller as a Modbus Slave. Everything seems to be configured. The project is compiled without errors.
But now, when connected to the controller, instead of the input-output values, I get question marks (???). And nothing works.
Previously, there was such a problem when the Slave was a 750-362 kapler. Then I won by changing the communication parameters.
It's not working right now.
Tell me where to dig. Maybe what libraries are needed ? CoDeSys itself loads during configuration: Standart, Syslibcallback, Syslibsockets, Wagolibmodbus_ip_01.