• vinmel24

    vinmel24 - 2020-03-03

    Hello. I really need help with this. It is part of my thesis

    I have a Hydraforce ECU0710 controller. This equipment only accepts CAN communication. I am using CodeSys V2.3 to programm the equipment. This part is working perfectly. What i need to do now is to connect this CodeSys with another software or to share information with other software, parallely.To do that i have two ideas:

    1. I can create a TXT file from the second software with the information i want to send; and then, make Codesys to read this TXT file., so i can use this information the code. The problem with this solution is that i do not know how to make codesys to read file from the windows directory. I mean, i want CodeSys to read a TXT file from a local path, and get information from this file.

    2. I can use OPC server. I was reading that it is possible to use OPC but i have not found any proper documentation to understand.

    Please, can someone help me with another idea or with the ones i came up with?

    let me know....


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