bernie-bbq - 2021-08-01

Hi again,
Thanks to all your help I will soon be running my Solar Diverter on a RPi 2; just one snag. I have created multiple POU's to set & start my air conditioner depending on the excess solar power available. I can trigger these POU's via the Visualization 'toggle buttons' using the address of the relevant WebClient 'xStart' input. However, much to my surprise, I cannot do this from the master control POU. So 'AC_SET_20_Deg.xStart := TRUE' from a different POU cases the error message "C0037: 'xStart' is no input of 'AC_Set_20_Deg' in the WebClient POU. Is there a way to trigger this webClient function apart from a toggle button on the Visualization page which can toggle this same input?

Your kind help would be much appreciated. Regard Bernie_BBQ.