Modbus registers 32 or 64

  • alvarochacon

    alvarochacon - 2020-05-09

    Hello colleagues

    Maybe someone can help me, I am involved in a project, which seems simple, I need to read about 90 Modbus registers from a Tesla battery and then I must send this data to a server, the part of the project that is giving me difficulty is the one to read the variables that due to their size include 2 and 4 registers, I have no problem reading each individual register, my problem is to unite them in a single 32 bit or 64 bit variable.

    I am using a WAGO PFC200 750-8202 PLC, the programming environment is CODESYS 2.3.

    I apologize if it seems simple, but my experience is based on Ladder programming and I am still learning this part of ST.

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2020-05-11

    I would use CODESYS V3 on the PFC for your Tesla battery monitoring,
    then you could use your phone to see the webvisu to monitor all the data.
    In combination with the CODESYS Automation Server - to see all these data possible even if you are not in the same network is a big benefit.

    CODESYS V2.3 webvisu is Java based - which is outdated and not easy to view on mobile devices without additional software installed.

    You could use these PFC's with either

    just try it:
    the demo run for 2h ( without having a license activated on the PFC)

    Modbus in CODESYS V3 means - add Modbus in the device tree and add your coils and registers here:
    ( I asume this is Modbus TCP / sure Modbus RTU is possible too)
    In general Modbus is based on words so probably you need to combine to have 64bit



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