Codesys 2.3 & Peak PCAN

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  • taqamert - 2024-07-03

    I will use Codesys to program a PLC. I will connect the PLC to the computer via the CAN interface using PEAK CAN, but Codesys does not recognize the CAN adapter. I have added the following libraries. What should I do? What steps should I follow?

  • dekelec - 2024-07-08

    IF you have an USB interface type in "Peak_USB" for CAN card driver (Name of CAN card driver). No need to add libraries for communication via CoDeSys Gateway.
    For other card types contact PEAK support and they will help you.



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  • taqamert - 2024-07-08

    Still same error.

    • dekelec - 2024-07-09

      I use Peak USB adapter daily to download from CoDeSys 2.3 and 3.5 to IFM, EPEC and other controllers.

      The process:
      - First you need to install the appropriate driver. Link:
      - Restart the computer
      - Start the CoDeSys application
      - Change the name of the adapter in Communication parameters, as mentioned in previous comment. Write the name exactly as written "Peak_USB", as it could also be case sensitive (defines which .dll file to use).

      If this doesn't work I would contact the vendor of the controller to find out the procedure.

      In the attachment I've added a FAQ document from IFM regarding using PCAN USB.

      P.S. I've noticed in your picture of communication parameters a channel via TCP/IP is mentioned. In this case a USB to CAN connection is not being used. First you should change the channel/gateway to connect via CANbus or connect using an Ethernet cable.


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      • taqamert - 1 day ago

        Despite working on it for days, I haven't achieved any results. I followed the necessary steps one by one as mentioned in the file you sent, but there hasn't been the slightest change. I couldn't find the step you mentioned "Set the 'Can Board Type' to PCAN USB" in the Word document. There is no such setting anywhere I looked. Is there a more detailed explanation available, or can you explain it in more detail? What am I missing?

  • taqamert - 1 day ago

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