How to Connect / Go Online without re-downloading the project

  • Wiresplus - 2024-04-13

    I have a PLC in a remote location. I can connect to it, but when I use a different PC, it asks me to re-download to the PLC - which will a) interrupt production and b) cause version issues.

    Codesys being open-source, if someone else has made changes, I need to be able to connect, upload the current project, compare it with mine and then decide what next.

    Every time I connect, it says

    Warning: An application 'Application' is currently in RUN mode on the PLC. As there is no matching compile information, this existing application needs to be replaced.

    Click 'Yes' to download the latest code or 'No' to abort.

    What am I doing wrong?


    Last edit: Wiresplus 2024-04-13
  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2024-04-13

    Which plc type is it:
    Either use Automationserver to do this or save the project archives instead of projects or use the source dowload function and reopen the application from plc.
    So you need to chose one of them.


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