• Alex100

    Alex100 - 2011-10-12

    How to test PLC program (e.g., designed in CoDeSys)? Maybe there are several ways. Should I use RunTime pack? I have my own 3D visualisation named Imitator, so don't offer me CoDeSys visualisation or programming environment. May be to use your dll (ActiveX or COM object)? I tried with Siemens Simulator (see picture) but there were some inconveniences. I am looking for decisions from CoDeSys. Should I use OPC sever? Which parts are free and are there payments for something?

    IMG: Imit.jpg

  • timvh

    timvh - 2011-10-12

    You can download CoDeSys from the website w w .
    I would advise V3.
    The installation files include the CoDeSys Control Win which is a SoftPLC which automatically starts when booting your PC.

    You can create your CoDeSys application, download it to this PLC and use the OPC server to connect to it.

    This way you can test your PLC application and your 3D software.

    The SoftPLC will stop after 2 hours. Then you manually have to restart it again, if you don't have a license for it.

  • Alex100

    Alex100 - 2011-10-13

    Thanks for advice.
    How much does the license cost?

  • timvh

    timvh - 2011-10-13

    Please contact your local distributor or 3S-Software for this.

  • Alex100

    Alex100 - 2011-12-21

    I run SoftPLC and MatrikonClient. The latest doesn't see my variable (I organized boolean variable PLC_PRG.Out1 in Symbol table). What to do? Or should I run CoDeSys Contol (runtime)?

  • timvh

    timvh - 2011-12-21

    After you added the variables to the symbol configurator, they are available for the opc server. What I think you still have to do is configure the opc server. Start the opc configurator and do the correct settings: plc name, gateway and connection.

  • Alex100

    Alex100 - 2011-12-21

    How to find error? My PLC is my computer. Computer's name is 'Samsung', device's name is MyPLC. Is it correct? Then I use Gateway3 and localhost. Where should I compare my settings?

  • timvh

    timvh - 2011-12-22

    In the OPCConfig you should have the tree with a Server and a PLC. The name of this PLC is not important.
    In the settings of this PLC, choose Gateway3 (all others can remain default).
    In the connection settings choose the gateway: default is localhost/1217.
    As PLC name or address you should choose what is given in the communication settings of your CoDeSys V3 application. This can either be the PLC name (=PC name in your case) or a number like 0101.

    If you have Windows 7, save your file as:
    Otherwise save it in the folder where the OPC server is installed.

    Other information can be found in the .pdf which is in the installation folder of the OPC server.

  • Alex100

    Alex100 - 2011-12-22

    I found video OPCDemo.swf by Prolog. My fault was that I should change PLC name 'localhost' to address (0101 in my case).
    Now it is working.


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