Placeholder Template - Library 'CAADTUtil' cannot be resolved

  • Bahrt

    Bahrt - 2016-12-20

    After adding the SMS Service package - Please explain how to resolve library CAADTUtil.

    Thank you!

    IMG: Library 'CAADTUtil' cannot be resolved.PNG

    IMG: SMS Connection Interface.PNG

  • Bahrt

    Bahrt - 2016-12-22

    Please look at the pictures – Identifier ‘DTU’ not defined… I have searched every corner of the 3S-Systems documentation, without finding any kind of hint regarding this issue.

    Google have helped a little, guiding me to understand that this ‘CAADTUtil’ library provides “FUNCTIONS FOR HANDLING DATE AND TIME”… In this case, related to the ‘SMS Service’ add-on. It is not working – that is a fact and absolutely no official guidance are available – shame on you ‘3S-Systems’.

    It would be of great assistance if anyone, with any level of experience in the 'SMS Service' would make a comment/remark.

    I will not be surprised if none of you users are familiar with this issue – how could you be? This is a specific developer software flaw, which 3S-Systems should address, soon… My guess is though - 3S-Systems do not find this important, due to a very limited distribution sale of the ‘SMS Service’ library (yes, it actually costs money). What benefit will 3S-Systems gain, from helping me…? I have only spent €150 in their CodeSys store… Why should they care? How much noise can I make?

    Library ’CAADTUtil’ is a 3S-Systems product, so I would certainly expect them to involve some resources in this issue… Does anyone in here have experience with the 3S-Systems support level – do they provide any support. With all respect, I find the ‘CODESYS Development System V3’ documentation availability, very poor – I cannot find one single match when I search for ‘DTU.ERROR’ or ‘DTU.DTConcat’, in the CODESYS V3 online help.

    How does a 3S-systems customer solve a problem like this, without help from the vendor…?

    Thank you!

    IMG: Compile errors when missing 'CAADUtil'.PNG

    IMG: The 'DTU.DTConcat' function.PNG


  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2016-12-28

    this should not happen in general (this store examples should work and I have verified it with Raspberry PI it does)
    If I use it with CODESYS and Raspberry Pi package everything seems to be ok.
    Could you update to current Version - both CODESYS and Pi Package?

    In general if you are missng a placeholder somewhere you could Redirect them in the placeholder dialog.


    IMG: Placeholder.jpg

    IMG: SMS.jpg

  • Atero

    Atero - 2018-05-04

    Same issue here. No idea how to proceed because the errors don't give direct hint were to look.

    WIN 10 64 Business
    Codesys V3.5 SP12 Patch 3+ 64 bit
    SMS Service

    Idea would be to use this library with raspberry but tried also to import it into empty project. Same problem in there.

    Please help.


  • Anonymous - 2019-03-11

    Originally created by: georgejaniszewski

    Hello Edwin, could you please advise where the SMS Service code example PDF documents are located on your website.
    Thank you.

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2019-03-11


    install this package via shopping cart in CODESYS and then you'll find it
    "c:\Users\<yourwindowsusername>\CODESYS SMS Service\\SMS_Service_Example.project"
    "c:\Users\<yourwindowsusername>\CODESYS SMS Service\\SMS Service_en.pdf"
    (Keep in mind this product need a license on CODESYS development system)</yourwindowsusername></yourwindowsusername>


  • Anonymous - 2019-03-11

    Originally created by: georgejaniszewski

    Thank you Edwin. Found it.
    Could you also advise how the licence works for SMS Service for preliminary development purposes. Does it run for a while and stop, requiring a restart like the Raspberry Pi runtime licence, or does it run for a week and stop forever until licenced etc ?
    i.e. I need some development time with the product before buying the licence.
    Also is the licence based on a per device basis, i.e. one licence per controller?
    Regards, George


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