EtherCAT modules fault after download project

  • fpin

    fpin - 2018-06-19

    Hello there,

    sometimes it happens that after the download of the project in the PLC, this go in STOP. The PLC is in STOP cause he is not able to see the EtherCAT modules. When this occur, I have to switch OFF the machine and after the restart everything goes well. It's something that happens especially after a big offline change. I want to know if it is something that "can happen" or if there's a way to prevent it.

    And another question is: can I catch the exception of the etherCAT and prevent the STOP of the PLC?

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2018-06-20

    which plc in which version are you using?
    There is this option:
    - PLC Settings - update while plc in stop
    - Ethercat Master Option - Automatic restart slaves (even if you enable this without having option A it should work)


  • fpin

    fpin - 2018-06-21

    Thanks for your reply Edwin, I will test it later.

    Do you know if I can avoid the PLC stop if the ethercat slave won't restart? Because now, if the EtherCAT has some problem, the PLC goes in exception. Is it possible to intercept the exception and restart from a function the ethercat and check if everything is ok?

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2018-06-22

    agáin, which Version are you using and which plc?
    This exception is a buf if this happen it is an error which need to be fixed!



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