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OPC Datasources No Live Data

  • rckalex

    rckalex - 2021-11-15

    Project targeting Codesys Control Win V3 x64 v The Codesys 3.5 environment is 3.5 SP17 Patch 2 +. In this project I have 10 OPC UA Server datasources defined. All 10 datasources are WAGO 750-8100 PLCs configured identically but running unique projects. All 10 datasources appear to be connected and healthy (Connection State β€œConnected”, Error information β€œOK”). However, there is always one or two datasources for which there is no actual exchange of data. There is no pattern to which datasource does not exchange data but it does move around with starting/stopping of the soft plc. "Update Always" is enabled.

    Datasources task is configured with a priority of 31 and a cyclic interval of 50ms.

    While Codesys is not receiving any updated data I am able to use a different UA client to poll the PLC and receive live data.

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2021-11-19

    mid of december, there will be a relaease of the communication package -
    hope this will solve it.

    • rckalex

      rckalex - 2021-11-19



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