Codesys on Ethercat i700 drives trouble

3 days ago
  • romeocostanza

    romeocostanza - 2021-01-29

    Please i need some help with Lenze on Codesys.
    I am installing the i700 double drives and i am using Codesys for the program. I have downloaded the library from website and installed on Codesys. The drive and motors are recognized and are online.
    1) the Lenze library pages seems very poor, i cannot see the servo for configuration of pulses per rev/engineering units etc.. it seems unreal to make such calculations on the program code. It should be managed by the library so no changes on the code are needed when installing in several machines.
    2) the standard Codesys commands MC_move relative etc.. does not work with Lenze...
    not even the basic commands such as MC_Power, SMC_CheckAxisCommunication etc...
    Can someone help?

  • dFx

    dFx - 2021-02-01

    I don't know about LENZE, but FESTO is acting in a similar way. They have 2 libs for motion. The first one is using their standard, and does not comply with PLC OPEN blocks. The second, uses PLC OPEN.
    Maybe LENZE provides the same.
    If not, then you will have to manage this like the old school way, using control word and status word. Or may be that's already the purpose of their lib.

    About units and scaling, you should be able to do it in the drive, and if you need it done at runtime, then you really need to read the Ethercat implementation documentation for your drives. Only LENZE may help for this.

  • romeocostanza

    romeocostanza - 2021-02-03

    There is no alternative on Codesys for Lenze... Not even Lenze guys knows how to run the I700 on Codesys. My PLC supplier is also unable to make it run, we have tried to use generic ethercat servo libraries but it doesn't work, i am giving up. Now we have just switch to INVT DA200 series. It is an unknown brand but it is 100% fully compatible with the generic Codesys ethercat softmotion libraries and very easy to install.

  • josepmariarams

    josepmariarams - 3 days ago


    i700 works perfect on Codesys. I am running its on a raspberry pi and Codesys.

    Firts of all, you have to configure the i700 via EasyStarter (from Lenze). To do that, install Twincat on your PC, make a simple program with ethercat in Twincat and run it over your own PC. After that, you can connect the i700 to your PC ethernet port and connect Easy starter to it via ADS and your PC running as a PLC. When configured upload parameters diferent from default and save ona an xml file.

    After, you have to download the xml from Lenze.

    Add Device i700 device on your ethercat tree, and at the end add Cia402Axis to the drive.

    In the 1700 device of your ethercat tree, load the xml saved via EasyStarter in startup parameters (Remove the name of the axis or you will have an exception).

    It's a little bit trick, but it works


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