Beckhoff EtherCat Serial Communication

  • yannickasselin1

    yannickasselin1 - 2015-02-18

    Hi there,
    Is it possible to use some EtherCat serial Communication terminals like the Beckhoff EL6001, EL6002, EL6021, EL6022 right in CODESYS?
    I know how to use them in TwinCat with the function blocks provided from Beckhoff but I'm wondering how to use them in CODESYS V3.
    Can I use the Beckhoff function blocks in CODESYS? Or are there any other function blocks I can use?
    Does someone have a sample code?

    Thank you.

  • rotemse

    rotemse - 2018-05-14

    I also like to know the answer. I am using EL6021 (RS485).
    Can I use it with Codesys Modbus master?
    When I try, the Modbus master asks me for COM port...

    How can we do that?

  • rotemse

    rotemse - 2018-05-15


  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2018-05-16

    no there are no drivers available to have them as serial device.
    The only way to use them is to use the process data in your application which is
    probably a huge effort.


  • perIpI

    perIpI - 2020-01-09

    Sorry for bumping an old thread!

    Is this still the case (no serial com-port driver available for Beckhoff EL602x-modules)??

    Im using Berghof EC1000 with Beckhoff-IO and will need RS485 to communicate. Berghof EC1000 has on-board RS232 but not RS485. Speaking with supplier about availability of EC-COM 01/02 module which should provide RS485, but unsure if they are available. Are there other alternatives?

  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2020-01-09

    An RS232 to RS485 converter will get you out of trouble.
    Here's an example from MOXA.

    If you don't want to use 232 for whatever reason, you can go via ethernet as well. You just install the Linux driver, and the remote comport shows up as a tty. Also from MOXA.

    I can't see any EL602x in the store or online help.

  • perIpI

    perIpI - 2020-01-10

    Thanks! Will try out a RS232/485 converter. Also got confirmed availability of Berghof EC-COM-02 unit with onboard RS485 (with some deliver time delay). Will update when tested.

  • teafiboss

    teafiboss - 2020-01-23

    Hi all,
    I am a newcomer in the Codesys and EtherCAT world and I am absolutely amazed by the power and versatility of these systems.
    I have a Beckhoff EL6022 module (2 RS485 ports) and I would like to know if there is a way to communicate via Modbus RTU with PLCs or if it will be possible in the future.
    In my little development system I also have an EL6751 (CAN Master) and it works very well.
    I tried to insert the EL6022 in a test project but I did not understand how to use configurations such as Expert Process Data, Process Data, and so on.
    However, there are many other things that I didn't understand so I don't get angry


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