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Softmotion with IXXAT USB-to-CAN interface

  • w.romiguieres

    w.romiguieres - 2020-07-27


    I'm trying to control a variable speed drive (with CANOpen fieldbus) using SoftMotion and Codesys 3.5.14.
    With the plc "Codesys control RTE V3" running on my pc (with a PCIe CAN bus interface), it works perfectly.

    But I need, in some situations, to run this on another pc that doesn't have a PCIe CAN interface. I only have a module "USB to CAN V2" from Ixxat (with VCI V4 drivers installed).

    I'm able to control (without Softmotion) the variable speed drive using this Ixxat module with the PLC "Codesys Control Win V3", but my softmotion projects does not work with this PLC.

    I heard that it's better to use Softmotion with a realtime capable PLC, but it "should" be possible to use it on a non realtime plc, like the "Codesys Control Win V3".

    For my applications, I don't really need realtime capabilities and fast task refresh, 1ms is enough.

    But how can I do that?



    Last edit: w.romiguieres 2020-07-27
  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2020-07-27

    I think the only way this might work, if you do not really need SoftMotion,
    you might could give 'SoftMotion light' a try.
    If you have only point to point movement with the CANopen drives, this should work with Control Win.



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