Panasonic EtherCAT servo interface

  • kumareasu

    kumareasu - 2020-08-02

    I am integrating a servo press unit with CoDeSys + Panasonic A6 EtherCAT servo drive(Model: MDDLN45BE).
    Anybody have done project with this combination. As off now Let me know what is the motion library to be used.
    Seeking help.

  • nothinrandom

    nothinrandom - 2020-08-06

    @kumareasu, I have not done that exact combo, but I have used EtherCat before with another drive. What are you trying to do exactly? Let us start with the basics first. Assuming you have done this already... right click on your Device -> Add Device -> Expand EtherCAT -> Choose EtherCAT Master SoftMotion. Right click on the newly added EtherCAT_Master_SoftMotion device -> Add Device -> Search for MDDLN45BE_SoftMotion. If you click on the drive info, you have inputs and outputs that you can control. CoDeSys comes with Soft Motion library (SM3) that you could immediately use if you want to.


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