CODESYS and Win10 - "the version profile is not valid" error

  • kislov

    kislov - 2021-02-10

    Yesterday my Windows 10 was updated to version 19042.746. After that, I get the following error on startup:

    I tried reinstalling but it didn't help. Has anyone already encountered such problems? Any advice would be appreciated.

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2021-02-10

    i would try:
    or delete:

  • kislov

    kislov - 2021-02-10

    Unfortunately it didn't help.
    I also try to delete .opt files and disable my anti-virus software - and it also didn't help.

  • kislov

    kislov - 2021-02-10

    The problem was on my side.

    My IT-department says:

    "we turned off (on your PC) the old cryptography protocols that are used in NET. framework and that are used in CODESYS, which is why these problems arose."

    They turned them back on and I can work at CODESYS again, thank the gods!


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