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  • woude

    woude - 2017-02-17


    What kind of option are there for version control system in combination with CODESYS V3. Is there support for GIT, what is the best system that can be used?


  • Anonymous - 2017-02-17

    Originally created by: KevinR

    Hello woude,

    - SVN Plugin for Codesys is requried

    - SVN Server for example:
    --> Apache SVN Server
    --> VisualSVN (GUI)

    As far as I know, git integration is currently not supported.


  • Joan M

    Joan M - 2017-02-17

    GIT support can only work if the "codesys" you are running works with multiple files (i.e. TWinCAT 3) and then you link the folder where all those files are to your server.

    In other codesys apps (like SoMachine from Schneider) you can use Subversion.

    This is a pity... even both systems work flawlessly and very well, for machine programmers, GIT has a big advantage: when you are out of your office and you don't have access to your remote repository, having the local repository on your laptop would allow you to continue working as if you were connected to your server.

    TwinCAT with the possibility to use Visual Studio as an editor combined with GIT (or the version control you prefer) is a winning combination.

  • Anonymous - 2017-12-03

    Originally created by: KevinR

    Any news on whether git support is planned for the future?

  • oey

    oey - 2018-01-18

    A professional tool as Codesys should absolutely support Git.

    Codesys' project structure should be flattened out and its files made at least somewhat mergeable and human readable.

    I am aware of the SVN plugin, but as pointed out in a post above -- one of the great features with Git is its distributed and offline capabilities. And now in 2018 Git services are a lot more available than SVN.

    So I hope S3 will make this awesome tool even more awesome and modern by making its project structure more suited for modern version control systems.

  • schaepper

    schaepper - 2018-01-18

    I agree.

    Throw away the Plugins and just make a proper file structure like any other language in the world.

    This would make it possible to have automatic code generation, better translation support, implicit support for any (source) control system, and 3party suppliers to supply better tools than codesys can. 3S can't do everything in its IDE and everything better than any company in the world, its simply not possible.

    This would even allow people to write good Structured Text editors, the editor in codesys lacks a lot of features which are standard in modern IDE.

  • Anonymous - 2018-07-20

    Originally created by: KevinR

    any news on this yet?

  • bjh

    bjh - 2018-07-20

    I use the SVN plugin only because I have to. All of the other development we do is controlled in VSTS and Git. We would have so much to gain if there were git support.

  • Stefan2

    Stefan2 - 2018-07-27


    what we could do is to write 2 pyton scripts to Import and Export the Code to XML. This coulld be loaded into git. But then we have to edit XML....



  • skraft

    skraft - 2020-01-17

    schaepper hat geschrieben:
    Throw away the Plugins and just make a proper file structure like any other language in the world.

    I totally agree! If anyone at S3 on the CodeSys team is listening, I hope you realize how bad it was for users when you remove the source code export function in CodeSys 2.3. Please try to imagine what it would be like if you had to develop CodeSys itself without any capability to say things like "show me what lines of code changed between version X and version Y"!

  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2020-01-17

    Feel free to send your applications here

    Just a reminder, at least half of the development staff uses CODESYS to develop features in IEC...


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